Northeast Ohio’s IT industry needs workers to fill its growing IT sectors and to replace retiring talent. In 2011 Cleveland was named the 3rd fastest growing IT city in the country with 62%* job growth since 2009. From 2008 – 2010 the percentage of companies reporting plans to hire more IT staff increased to 53%. Employers need people with a variety of skills, knowledge and experience to fill a diverse array of internships, co-ops and job offerings.

IT occupations exist in multi-national firms including advanced manufacturing, consumer goods, high-tech services, and healthcare. In addition many IT jobs are available within small to medium size firms, such as those that provide consulting and technology services. IT is not just about programming anymore (although there are those jobs, too). IT is both a critical business function that supports operations, as well as a strategic lever that firms use to grow their competitive advantage in the market place.

Information Technology jobs are an integral part of most industries. The key areas, however, are;

Sales & Marketing
Human Resources
Finance & Accounting




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