This is really COOL! Check these videos out. And see a competition: HERE

Regional: Jan. 5, 2013, Cleveland State University, Wolstein Center

Local Kickoff: March 28-30,2012,  Cuyahoga Community College

First Robotics is a cool national mentor-based program that any kid can do.  It builds science, engineering and technology skills, while inspiring innovation, and fostering well-rounded life capabilities like self-confidence, communication, and leadership.

First Robotics

This is not science fiction.  But, it’s where you work on “out of this world” amazing robots!

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Hear what kids are saying...

... about building 6 foot, 100 lb moving machines!  It takes creativity, design, programming, science and math.  But most of all, team work that brings together all kinds of people to have fun and challenge the competition.

See a competition




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