U Akron's Summer Camp

Test your hands in all sorts of fields that use IT ñ like virtualization, building robots, forensics, video editing and graphic design.You will compete in a team and leave a superstar.

Lorain County Community Collegeís, University Partnership

Get a full four-year degree at Community College prices. LCCC is the first community college in Ohio to have a University Partnership program, where you can select from over 40 different bachelorís and masterís degrees all offered by leading universities.


Lorain County Community Collegeís Computer and Digital Forensics Major

Master the technology that helps investigators build solid cases against criminals. Students get the skills necessary to enter careers in computer technology and digital forensics, and in the design, application, installation, operation, and maintenance of computer, networks, and other digital devices and associated equipment.

Baldwin Wallace College Computer Science

You will NEVER be bored at Baldwin Wallace College.  Baldwin Wallace gives you “hands-on” experiential learning…aka you get to jump in and start playing with the technology.  They have a ton of different computer degree programs to choose from.  And, it’s not just a “tech” school, but a great liberal arts school that develops skills in communication, critical thinking, and problem solving – an important part of what employers are looking for!



The University of Akron's Summer Camp

Do something totally NOT BORING this summer.
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LCCC University Partnership

Do summer camps in High School and go all the way to a Bachelor's degree with the Lorain County Community College University Partnership
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LCCC Computer and Digital Forensic Degree

Catch the Bad-guys.  That's what you will be doing with this degree. Learn More

Baldwin Wallace




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