Info Tech Careers

Northeast Ohio Needs

Qualified, Trained Information Technology Employees

Northeast Ohio’s IT industry is in need of workers - both newly graduated and those going back for a new career - to fill its growing IT sectors and to replace retiring talent in existing positions. Just this year Cleveland was named the 3rd fastest growing IT city in the country with 62%* job growth since 2009. From 2008 – 2010 the percentage of companies reporting plans to hire more IT staff increased to 53%.**


Employers need people with a variety of skills and interests

  • Please seek guidance to see if this is the right career for you - look under IT Careers for resources
  • Then get the appropriate education. There are jobs for all levels of education.  Start with an Associate Degree, work your way to a Bachelors or Masters and look into specific Certification Degrees along the way.
  • Check out videos that show off cool companies and information about IT in Northeast Ohio HERE
  • Northeast Ohio HAS JOBS for IT professionals with the skills, talent and desire.

    "Get IT here in Northeast Ohio!", is an Ohio RITE Board Initiative. The Ohio RITE Board is an independent, industry-led initiative that supports regional educational institutions by providing a pipeline of industry communication, support and feedback. This Board exists to promote our unique regional strengths by creating a self-sustaining source of skilled, technical talent and by seizing opportunities for industry cooperation, advancements and investment across state and organizational boundaries.  Learn More HERE

    *Dise Report

    ** NEOSA 2010 report